Born and raised in Southeastern Oregon near the Idaho border, Mark began drawing at an early age. Growing up he spent a great deal of time camping and fishing in the mountains of Central Idaho.  This is where his love of nature began.  By age thirteen he took up bird watching after going on a few outings with a friend whose brother was working on his Biology thesis.  It was then that he combined his love of art with his love of wildlife.  He joined the Treasure Valley Artists Association when he was sixteen.  He was their youngest member.  He works primarily in Acrylic on Clayboard.  This allows for a high level of detail and color.  He also works in graphite, pen and ink and colored pencil.  Mark continues to enjoy bird watching and has had the privilege of birding with David Allen Sibley, noted author of the Sibley field guides.
    “My goal as a wildlife artist is to capture the beauty of nature.  I paint what I see. To me nothing is more artistic than nature's perfect form.  I work from photographs, mounts, and field observations in order to accurately portray my subjects.  I combine realism with subtle impressionism to create the feeling of depth in my paintings.”
Bio and Artists Statement
My painting techniques are self taught.  I learned through trial and error.  My favorite surface to paint on is Clayboard.   I use the original smooth Clayboard® for its lack of texture.  I'm able to paint as much or as little detail as need be.  As far as paint brushes go, I prefer filberts and liners.  Filberts are very diverse.  I am able to use them for many different applications.  Liners are great for fine details, having just enough body to support the paint , yet small enough for very fine lines.  I chose acrylic paint for its ease of mixing.  Just a little water and a Masterson "Sta-Wet" Palette® and I'm ready to go. 

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